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Pass the 2-phase evaluation in funding accounts easily and quickly.
*NEWS: You can use the robot in all the accounts you buy under your FULL NAME.
*Only eligible for a select selection of providers that still allow bots to pass the assessment.
*It is not suitable to operate in real once the 2 evaluations of the funding account have been passed.
🎯Bot Shooter for Funded Trading Accounts
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
*It is essential to read the frequently asked questions section of this page before purchasing the Bot Shooter.
Complete process to obtain the funding account in the indicated providers.
At the end of your purchase you will access a video user guide to install the robot.
🛑(Q&A) Bot Shooter Frequently Asked Questions.

In which funding companies does it work?

We have tested several of them and it works correctly for those brokers and assets that do not have slippage and do not have commissions, such as eightcap servers.

However, the companies themselves can add a configuration layer and add swipe, which would stop working, or high fees.

In the event of a commission, the EA works in phases of high volatility, for example, at the opening of Wall Street or when there is a 3-star economic news in the USA (see Investing calendar). It has also been tested in companies with GOMarkets servers and it works.

Does it exceed 100% of the evaluations?

Yes, the EA is specifically designed for this as long as it meets the conditions in the previous question. You must read the conditions of your company well so that they allow you to use this type of EAs.

Will I get my refundable fee back if I use this EA?

This depends on the company in question. There are companies that do and others that do not. You must understand that you are in their decision and it is a risk that you must assume.

What kind of EA is Hobbiecode Shooter?

It's Tick Scalping. Although many may call it HFT because it opens and closes trades very quickly, it really isn't HFT.

How many times can I use the robot?

As many as you want. But you must make sure that the name of your trading account (funding) that appears in Metatrader shows your full registration name and matches the full name that you will send us in a form once you purchase the EA.

Will my funding account be banned if I use the EA?

It is a decision made by the funding company in which you are operating, therefore we cannot guarantee that it will not happen to you. We recommend that you do your own analysis before acquiring a funding account. In our social networks and our direct ones we carry out analyzes that can help you.

In which funding companies has it been tested at the moment?

-First Class Forex Funds: in US30 and any time (better volatility).
-LeveledUp: at times of high volatility such as the opening of Wall Street or 3-star news for the US and US30.
-The Funded Trader Royal Challenge: at times of high volatility such as the opening of Wall Street or 3-star news for the USA and US30.
-Traders with Edge: in US30 and any time (better volatility).

What risks are there?

The following risks may occur and you confirm that you agree that it is your responsibility:
- The funding companies mentioned above can stop allowing the use of this type of robot at any time.
- If you operate it in an account that does not belong to any of those mentioned or following the recommendations, it does not even ensure that the evaluation will pass.
- If you put it in real, the company can even close your account.
- Get to the end with the last 2 phases and don't get the real one.

Will I have EA configuration files?

Yes, there are going to be configurations that we know work well for a specific company and asset. For the other companies you will have to be the one who finds a correct configuration. It explains how it is configured once you purchase the EA.

What steps do I have to follow to install Bot Shooter?

When you make the purchase you will have access to a training video to learn how to install the EA in a simple way.

Can the Bot Shooter be used on a real account?

No, it only works on trial (demo) accounts.

What does the purchase include?

- The Hobbiecode Shooter bot for unlimited personal use
- Instructional installation video
- Steps to follow for the entire process
- Robot configurations for setups that work

Do you do returns?

No, since it is an EA that is replicable in a personal capacity.
Have you read the FAQ carefully?
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
25 places enabled
1 robot to use on accounts in your name
  • Qué es y cómo funciona una cuenta de fondeo y las principales empresas que ofrecen estas cuentas.
  • Cómo es el proceso de creación y selección del conjunto de expert advisors que operan en nuestro sistema automático de inversión.
  • Te cuento cómo proteger el capital. Es la principal premisa de los sistemas, usamos una gestión de riesgo de alto desempeño junto con la diversificación de los sistemas.
  • Te explicaré la configuración de los sistemas para pasar cuentas de fondeo y que no tengas que arriesgar tu capital para operar.
  • ​Veremos las diferentes opciones y expectativas de forma realista (sin vender el humo habitual del sector). Te mostraré la rentabilidad de mis sistemas mediante un backtesting a 10 años.
  • ​Presentación de la opción para acceder a los sistemas y estar operando en menos de 7 días. 
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